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The Blue Waters National Petascale Computing Facility is a remarkable resource, and 10% of the Blue Waters time is allocated to UIUC. The proposed Center will use the Blue Waters as its main computational resource. Blue Waters is the largest and most powerful computational resource we can currently access. It has 4,224 CPU/GPU heterogeneous computing nodes. By using this already-available huge computational capability, the proposed center will not incur further expenses to the funding agency. This way, most of the external funding will be used for the solution of important scientific problems. The center will also develop allocation proposals to NSF to compete for Blue Waters time at the national level.

Will Blue Waters be sufficient? Although the Blue Waters is the largest computational resource we can access, it may not be sufficient for some of the largest and most detailed computations we are planning to perform. Even this can be regarded as a positive outcome, because we would like to see where Blue Waters will fall short, which aspects of the architecture require the most urgent attention and improvements. Those are very important questions to answer for the design of the next-generation supercomputer.
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